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 Full Int Warlock guide by yournightmares

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PostSubject: Full Int Warlock guide by yournightmares   Thu Mar 14, 2013 9:49 pm

Taken from Rohan website post by yournightmares

Andro Edit : I'd say go 3 Int 1 Vit till 50, you can always stat reset later to go full Int, you get a free stat reset from Newbie Helper at GH bind Smile

Int warlock build

so i decided to make a warlock guide for you new nubs.

Ok so guess im gonna start with the lock guide.

So, what you need to know is that warlocks are mainly dps, means that in grinding you'll have the most aggro.
well ok aggro aint our biggest worrie now they only thing you want now is to lvl from 1 to 50 as fast as possible.
means that you do it with a pt or you solo.

1. Stat distribution:
if you can afford good gear every lvl then i suggest you to fallow this build
- from lvl 1-50 go straight int.
- from lvl 51-90 go straight int
- from lvl 91-110 go straight int

if you can't afford good gear but have abit of decent gear then i suggest this
- from lvl 1-45 straight int
- from lvl 46-50 2/2 int/vit
- from lvl 51-7x 3int/3vit if im not mistaken
- from lvl 7x-9x/10x 7int/1vit

the reason why i suggest you to put some vit every lvl is cuz since you can't afford proper gear you'll lack in pdf so vit can compensate that for abit

if you can't afford gear at all
-from lvl 1-45 straight int
-46 and later: Quit

2. skill distribution
-there are a few skill builds that you can fallow ill post the 3 best ones



3. Gear
- in this foking game its all about gear,
- armor:
i would recomment the same armor at the same lvl as all other classes/races

- accesoires:
int accesoires obviously.
and since the new patch they have released new accesoires wich you can equip at lvl 1 so i recommend new ppl to go with int + vit twins
- Weapon:
a staff with int to begin with and it really needs health absorbtion and mana absorbtion(however absorbtion is writen lol)

4. pvp:

- ok your most importand skill at highlvl to kill lowbiez are wide entourage and magic push, those 2 combo's are nearly enouh to kill hole pt's from akhma till roha.
at higher lvl when you have only reg staff you are more of a support insetead of a dps.

- noobs thinking they are pro: don't go pk unless you want to be called noob

-high lvl pk-ing

- use the 2nd skill build and fire all those skills off on the target your members call

- You don't need Dark Message (2420 HP at lvl 7 instead r3tards like WYSIWYG old owner, no reason to up that sheet).
- You don't need the 2 crits buffs, if you want a shield from debuff use Mirror, it works very well.
- Toxic Potion lvl 2 is enough... Suppot use Tear Drop, only Ranger's heroic skill can block them.

The gear :
Staffs :
- Magic attack one with max DD and 1 abs HP/MP enchant (if upg you're ok)
- Int staff, dagger, sword with max int (for buff shield)

Armor :
- Armor with HP/crit drop/min dd (I recommand min dd)

Access :
- 2 Wood Twins
- 2 Feather, FDs, Beze, Artisan +5 +6, Insurgent +5 +6, Ruller
- Piece of Silva
- Int / vit Earrings/Goggles
- Token, Talis, Costumes...


You are a debuffer, not a damage dealer, so play as a support and target the focus, block abilities of theyr supports, dhans, stunners (vit wizz loves Break Abilities on them). Use Prevent pet on Dekans or Priests with Unicorn (reduce theyr block rate and the heal).
Also use Skill drop on STR Dhans or Dekans.
Why full int ? You got a INT shield, you can pve (since you got magic attack skills), nothing stack with vit (shield 3 hits then u die no matter if you vit or int).

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Full Int Warlock guide by yournightmares
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