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 Making A Guild

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PostSubject: Making A Guild   Sun May 22, 2011 2:09 pm

Content :
I, Items needed .
II, The quests .
III, Tips .
I, Items needed : You should prepare these items first before you start the quests .

  1. 2 million crones
  2. 30 Sweetfish (any rank)

II, The quests : Starts at Varrow Forest bindstone . You must be lvl 30+ in order to get the quests

Quest 1 : Kill 20 Orcs Warriors .
They are right outside the Varrow Forest bindstones

Quest 2 : Finding 3 tombstones .
1. 1st Tombstone is at North of Birch Tower      

   2. 2nd Tombstone is at the Temple of Silva . You will spot the  tombstone on the left side of the big statue over there, walk up the  stairs and you will see it . ( G6 of Geizan map )

   3. 3rd Tombstone is at Ehres Harbor (Gathering Hall). Go South  from
Harbor, you will spot the wooden pier, the tomb is up there . (C8 of

    4. After you get the last tomb, it will give you a scroll, go  
back to Ehres Harbor to talk to the NPC which is called Zibrian to turn
in the quest.

Quest 3 : Invest 4 caves .
After turning in the previous quest at Zibrian, he will give you  the next task which is investing
4 caves (Crystal Quarry , Akhma Cave  , Lauke Monastery and Caronia’s
Tomb). You will have to find 4 chests  which is located once in each
cave. All the chests are located right  near the entrance, shouldnt be
hard to find them.

  1. Akhma Cave : When you enter Bloodsouls room, its right on the left
  2. Crystal Quarry : Go along from the entrance, its right near the
    FIRST 4-ways devived. (Some ppl always open them cz they dont know  
    its for quests so just stay there n wait for it to be respawned. Takes
    it about 10 secs to respawn)
  3. Lauke Monastery : When you go to Monastery, inside
    the house,  there are 2 doors on each side and the front is leading to
    the garden  with the boss over there. Take the door at the left hand
    side. After  get in, go along the hall, at the FIRST 3-way split,
    take the right  turn, go along to Mightsouls and Bloodsouls room, you
    will spot the  chest over there.

  4. Caronia’s Tomb : After you enter, pass those Eyes mobs, keep  
    following the path untill you see the FIRST 3-ways split, go left (the right hand is dead-end). Keep going and then take the left again  
    at the next 3-ways split untill you reach the room with the big guys  
    holding fire swords and some weird shape mobs. You will spot the chest
    on ur left hand side.

Get back to Gathering Hall and turn in quest at Zibrian !

Quest 4 : Fishing .
After you finished the last quests, Zibrian will ask you to go  
meet Robert at Fishing Pool. Go there and talk to him. Robert will  
ask you to go get 30 SweetFish. After getting all 30 SweetFishes, go  
turn in quest at Robert. He will provide you the next task.      

Quest 5 : Killing mobs .
Pick up quest from Jenovia at Tormaline Quarry Bindstone, This time, all you have to do is killing 20 Bronze Golems and 20  
Iron Enigmas within the time limit (1 hour i
remember) Shouldnt be a problem with a party. Hand in to Jenovia at Tormaline Bindstone.

Quest 6 : Kill boss .
After finish the quest at Einhoren, Margaret (Einhoren Town) will ask you to go  
meet Chaahti. Remember 1 thing that Chaahti IS NOT located in the map  
as a yellow dot or anything. So just go to J9 of the Liom map.

Keep your eyes open and you will spot him on the hill on the left of the road. After talking to him, he will ask you to go kill the boss which is located at Spiritual  
Haven. The boss is huge, you wont miss him lol. After killing the  
boss, go back and talk to Chaahti.

Final step :
After talking to Chaahti, go to town and talk to  
Guild Master. Click on “I want to form a Guild”. Type in the name you
want. He will ask you for 2 million Crones. Click Yes to confirm.  
After paying the money, your guild will be formed. Congratulations !!!
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Making A Guild
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