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 Andr0m3da's Priest Build & Skills Guide (FULL PSY)

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PostSubject: Andr0m3da's Priest Build & Skills Guide (FULL PSY)   Sat May 21, 2011 10:23 pm


General Grinding
A very good Priest is capable of keeping up to 4 party members barriered per minute (mainly themselves, the puller & maybe a squishy mage) & at the same time making sure his/her party members never go lower than half health.
You should constantly have your eyes on your partys health bars, chit chatting or watching TV does not go down well when you're in a hard grinding scroll & seal party & not paying attention.

Standing there doing nothing but healing can get boring as hell, if you're like me then you'll put in some attacks on mobs aswell but dont take on too much lol.
When i do attack mobs i take out the magic mobs (if there are any) as they do the most damage to your party members, also with a staff you can attack any ranged mobs that are hitting your party from afar.

50+, stay close to the Mage in your party as their Psy or Int Shield protects you.

DO NOT chase down an archer to barrier them (a good ranger will pull the mobs & then stand by the party, get barriered, & go pull mobs again), if they dont come to you & get barriered in time then thats their problem, if you chase them down you will go out of range of the Psy or Int shield & lose it & probably die, at least if they die you can revive them, if you die then most of your party will end up dead before you get revived.
Always cast Group Mental Blow (with Almighty) to give a wizard in your party an extra Psy boost so they can then cast a stronger Psy Shield

-This is my Priest skill build,
All the skills with a red square around them are what you should get, any spare skill points should be saved for your 50+ skills
All the skills in blue are optional & should only be added once you have all the red on both skill trees done

Here's my -50 Skills as it stands
My heals are level 4 because they cause agro when I use them & I was advised not to max them out, I have Divine Aura & use it straight after my Party Heal to reduce agro

I also have my Net Bind & my Mind Blast maxed to help in pvp (this is optional if you want to help in battles or not)
Have also put 1 point in Detect
& 1 point in Teleport

From left to right, top to bottom
Heal, Recovery, Mind Blast
Cure Confusion, Divine Aura, Cure Silence
Divine Beam, Intelligence Blow, Holy Light
Group Heal, Detect, Instant Heal
Magic Barrier, Teleport, Mental Barrier
Net Bind, Revive, Saint Strike

I've finished maxing my 50+ Skills, make sure you have the following maxed out :-

Almighty (lvl 7)
(the following get to level 6 when you can but its optional)
Blue Fountain
Group Mental Blow
Marea's Mind
Marea's Grace

From left to right, top to bottom
Blue Fountain, Incarnation, Almighty
Group Mental Blow, Erase, Staff Mastery
Marea's Mind, Marea's Grace, Vacuum
Group Instant Heal, Marea's Grace, Nemesis
Perfect Healing, Soul Meditation, Mind Air

Now that you've maxed everything, you should be using any spare skill points you get for Vacuum & then Mind Air (for PVP use)

Stats Build
-A common and good stats build for beginners is 3psy 1vit every lvl to 50, then 4 psy 2 vit, when you get up to 70+ you can decide how you like to play your priest but bear in mind that when you get to R5 you will need every bit of health you have (recommended HP for R5 is at least 10k)

Psy Goggles, Psy earrings, Crafted rings (Aquamarine, int, psy, vit)

You should use +Psy weapons and when you forge, you should add +Dmg Drop

-Basic stuff, you would want high physical defense, don't bother with magic defense because your mdef is high even without it
-When enchanting, i suggest you get +HP

Everyone first pet should be a bunny in my opinion, when you're in a far off place & need to port into town to buy mana pots, but dont want to run all the way back, a bunny is ideal
Can only say that a Honey Bear (extra health) is the only bonus for a healer, if a mob is strong enough to knock out your magic barrier then the extra health while you recast it, comes in handy.

PVP! Taking down others (50+ skills)
-Priests arent really pvp based but in partys learn how to protect your party, Net binding your strongest enemy & letting someone else take them out is a good move.

-Templars are your worst enemy, no matter how good a priest you are, they can take you out in no time at all, you cant net bind or stun as they have reflect & it comes back to you, so try to avoid them lol.

-Dhans are the easiest to take out for a priest, the only thing they can use on you effectively is pouch, casting Vacuum on them disables there regular attack, you can also cure silence & disable their sealing square & Detect them when they are in hide

-Net binding another priest means your party can take it out & leave the oppositions party without a healer (making them weaker)

-Obligation reduces damage recieved for your party, Marea's Grace give extra HP for your party

-Key to pvp is to understand all class skills and buffs, its best to know how your opponent fights.

MiniBee 114 Psy Wizard
Krysanthe 113 Vit DK
Kalei 113 Vit Priest
Kaeya 110 Dex Ranger
AntiSoc1aL 110 Str Guardian
Samantha 106 Agi Avenger

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Posts : 240
Join date : 2011-05-19

PostSubject: Re: Andr0m3da's Priest Build & Skills Guide (FULL PSY)   Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:46 pm

UPDATE : dont put skill in teleport as it doesnt work anymore plus you dont need it to link skills
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Andr0m3da's Priest Build & Skills Guide (FULL PSY)
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