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 Starting Out

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PostSubject: Starting Out   Sun May 22, 2011 4:20 pm


If you are new to the game & have no idea what you are doing, then read on..........

these are basic tips about the game, how to level up quickly, what armour to get, how to overcome bugs etc.

1st it is best to check out what class is best for you, so here's a quick run down on which class does what........

HUMAN Knight
The human race is perfectly suited for the Knight class. Bound to
chivalrous conduct, humans are predisposed to fight for what they
believe to be right. Humans can specialize into;

  • Defender: A brute of a soldier, they are often the
    center of a battle party due to their strengthened defense. They can
    also cast stun spells and excel with ranged attacks.
  • Guardian: These steadfast warriors boast refined
    attack skills. They can successfully reach their targets even if
    well-protected, and can even increase the amount of damage with each

ELF Healer
These gentle-souled elves are proficient at healing others in their
party. But do not be fooled, they can also pack a wicked wallop in the
form of magical attacks. Elves can specialize in either.

  • Priest: Specializing in healing and protection
    using a range of powerful magic spells. They assist in party members
    recovery, defense and also vitality.
  • Templar: Quite the aggressor, they are capable of both magical and physical attacks. But their healing powers are keen as well.

Offspring of Human and Elf, these forest-dwellers are masters of ranged
combat. Be it bow & arrow or mechanical crossbow, their proficiency
is unmatched. Your elf can either be a

  • Scout: Masters of multi-targeting with their bows
    (and magic), they often choose to fight all enemies at once rather than
    one at a time.
  • Ranger: Well versed on the crossbow, Rangers dominate their opponents with swift and precise arrow and dagger attacks.

DEKAN Dragon Fighter
Nearly incomprehensible, these changelings defy nature. Dekans are born
with the nascent ability to transform from humanoid to a fiercely
violent dragon! Choose a path for your Dekan…

  • Dragon Knight: They evolve more quickly in the form
    of dragon rather than humanoid, and employ a unique bloodsucking skill
    to weaken opponents.
  • Dragon Sage: Specialized hunters that can attack large areas at once.

DHAN Assassin
These killing machines are serpentine in their deadliness. Because of
their bias for butchery, they are the most feared (and despised) class
in Rohan. Dhans can acquire experience by killing other players rather
than completing quests if they choose.

  • Avenger: Can achieve invisibility and dismember
    opponents with no warning. By the time you see them, your eyes may no
    longer be connected to your face.
  • Predator: The quickest of the Dhans, they deal
    blows so swiftly that anyone within striking distance may not even be
    able to take a single swing before death.

The mysterious Dark Elven Mages employ strong magical powers to weaken
and dispatch their enemies. They also have transportation powers. Not
much else is known about them to date. You can either be…

  • Warlock: Thrives in group battles, they seemingly are able to weaken opponents before the fighting even starts.
  • Wizard: Expert hunters, they employ powerful area spells to fight off multiple opponents simultaneously.

This is a reasonably new class in the game so theres not that much info online about them, but i know enough to say that Savage's are excellent farmers & very strong PVE characters & Beserkers are more PVP based

PLEASE CLICK HERE for Iceyy's How To Pick A Class Post

Please CLICK HERE for Parts 2,3,4,5 & 6

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Posts : 240
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PostSubject: Re: Starting Out   Sun May 22, 2011 4:26 pm


Once you have decided whats best for you, you must now find out what the best way to build your class is, alot of people start the game & put the wrong points in stats & chose the wrong skills & later on regret it, if you mess your build & skills up the only options for you are to either delete & start again or to buy a skill reset stone & a stat reset stone from the item mall

So getting a general idea of what build you will use & where to distribute your skill points is essential before making your character. There are many guides online if you can be bothered to hunt for them, I will try to post as many in the Classes Section here that I can find.

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Posts : 240
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PostSubject: Re: Starting Out   Sun May 22, 2011 4:29 pm


It is VERY important to complete the tutorial, not only does it teach you how to play but at the end of the tutorial it gives you some nice items & a Talisman that boosts your xp by 20% for the first 8 hours of game play

Newbie Helper
is an NPC located at the Gathering hall bindstone at lvl 20 it gives you a weeks 100% xp Talisman you MUST make sure your 20% 8 hour Talisman has run out before taking this because if its still in your inventory you will lose the 100% Tali

Newbie Helper also gives you a mount at lvl 30, a costume at lvl 40 & a full stat reset at lvl 50

TIP : To get to the Gathering Hall you click on the button with 2 faces underneath the big orange P button on the right hand side of your game

New Note : There is now also Freebies at your home town bindstone guard, please be aware that most of the items only last a certain amount of time, so if you dont wish to use the item yet, make sure you decline the quest until you do
Higher levelled freebies are at Limestone bindstone from the bind guard too

All Freebies are listed HERE

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Posts : 240
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PostSubject: Re: Starting Out   Sun May 22, 2011 4:37 pm


General tips for levelling

you can go two ways from here.......
1. Find a party (preferably one with a party scroll) & go grind
2. Questing, go to all the towns & look for the green dots on the maps

Partying : a party is 6 people (max), its always good to have a healer (to heal), an archer (to pull mobs), a mage (for aoe damage) & a tanker (to take mobs away from the squishy mage & the healer), the rest should be damage dealers to ensure the mobs are killed quickly. Always protect your healer, make sure there are no mobs on him/her, coz if they die, theres no heals for the rest of the party, & if you die a healer can raise you again.

Questing : all quests give item & xp rewards, some are repeatable & the rewards turn into crone rewards once you have completed them after the 1st time.
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Posts : 240
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PostSubject: Re: Starting Out   Sun May 22, 2011 4:50 pm


Armour & Weapons

Armour : Always save Armour with high physical defense (the green stats)

Weapons :
depending on the class (green stats)
humans = high melee for guards, high health for vit defenders
elves = high psy for priests, high int & melee for templars
half elves = high ranged attack & dex
dark elves = high psy for wizards, high int & magic attack for warlocks
dekans = high melee for strength builds, high health for vit builds
dhans = high agi for agi builds & high melee for strength builds
giants = high melee

if you can get vit stats thats a bonus for all classes

IMPORTANT TIP : ALWAYS de-stat armour & weapons before forging them because the price goes up for rares & even more for uniques & more again for enchanted & its best to wait for a forge/refine event before doing anything

UPDATE : Forge / Refine Events are from Friday 12.00 midnight until Sunday 12.00 midnight Server time (which is PST)

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PostSubject: Re: Starting Out   Sun May 22, 2011 4:54 pm


Pets :
EVERYONES 1st pet should be a bunny, bunnys enable you to save where you are, port out & sell a full inventory & bunny back (5 minutes to do this on a lvl 1 bunny), it's essential to have for the lvl 38 repeatables, which you can use to save up enough to buy your next pet or your next mount or to delevel & destat armour
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Posts : 240
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PostSubject: Re: Starting Out   Sun May 22, 2011 5:05 pm



You cant pvp until you turn lvl 30, but when you do dont go around annoying people by randomly attacking them, if you want to test ASK first. If someone kills you in your level range you will lose xp. It's best to go to Coliseum with some friends & test your combo's with them (you dont lose xp in coli).

ALWAYS watch your possibles, if you kill more than 10 people in a certain time you go red (murder status) if someone kills you while you are red you drop equipped items, you have to be in game for 10 hours before you lose your red status, its best to sit at a bindstone that has no bindstone patrol (patrol will kill you while you are red) Limestone bind is probably the best place to stay in red status until it runs out


I think the best known bug in game is Montt Castle, you need to go through a portal to get to montt castle, if you cant see the castle behind it, step up to the portal (without going through it), wiggle your mouse around like crazy until the castle appears, once you can see the castle you can enter.
If you dont see the castle you will end up underwater, the best way to get out is either using a portal stone or by going to the gathering hall.

If your game spins, click enter & that should fix it.

Finding NPC's

If you have no idea where an NPC is to hand in a quest, please CLICK HERE for a full list & where they are

I think this is all the advice i can give you for now, if you have any questions, please post in the Questions section CLICK HERE

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PostSubject: Re: Starting Out   Tue May 24, 2011 11:47 pm


Questing while waiting for party invites

Pop yourself on Party Matching (top icon on the right hand side of your Rohan screen) & while you wait for an invite, jump from town to town, I start at Einhoren, pick up every quest from the green dots I find, go do the quests, hand in & port to the next town & repeat. By the time i go full circle & have no where else to go but Einhoren again, I'm higher levelled & new quests are available.

Once all the quests in the towns have been done, check your Quest Journal (click J on your keyboard, or its in the bottom left menu), click on Possible Quests, ignore all the crone reward quests (these are repeatables & you have already completed them) look for the ones that give you xp & item rewards. New places to collect quests will appear, go to each region & complete.

Eventually only the quests for your level will be available, as you get higher levelled, less quests become available for you, try to do the same level quests because the xp reduces (if you do a quest one level below your level you will recieve less xp than you would have if it had been the same level as you).

If you have completed all your quests for your level & havent reach your next level, pick the highest paid repeatables & go make some crone (gaining the extra xp you need to level while killing the mobs).

More often than not you will find a quest for one set of mobs in more than one place, pick them all up & go kill the one mob & then hand in for extra crone rewards.

TIP : For example : if you find one quest telling you to kill 45 Tonkens & another telling you to kill 60 Tonkens, you only have to kill 60 to recieve the reward from both quests (you dont have to kill 105)

FootNote : I am compiling a list of repeatable quests to post in the "Quest" section, i will edit this post & add a link when i have completed it
Click here for Repeatable Quests
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PostSubject: Re: Starting Out   

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Starting Out
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