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 How to pick a class :)

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PostSubject: How to pick a class :)   Wed May 25, 2011 5:02 am

When you are creating a character in Rohan Online you have a broad set of classes/builds to go through I will summaries every class/build so you know what you can expect. Smile


Guardians are a melee class their primary weapon is a sword but in the dexterity build it is preferred that you use a dagger. (This is because daggers have more attack speed)

Guardians deal large amounts of damage over a period of time. They have a buff called order swing which makes the next hit you do hit harder (This allows your damage to build up and spike at some point before going back down. Guardians are an opportunist class in pvp so it is normally your key tatic to wait for the right time to unleash your combo.
Stat builds for guard:
Full strength--Harder hits and mediocre critical hits
Full dex--Weak regular hits and really hard critical hits.
Hybrid build of str/dex/vit-- Not recomended because you can craft accesories to cover your secondary stats.


Defenders are the tank class of rohan online but dont let that fool you they can deal a large ammount of fixation during fixation (10 seconds boost in your melee when you have a mace). They have a skill defending nature which allows you to take damage for a party member and they also have allot of skills to help protect your party members from getting killed. Defenders main weapon is a mace but they can use maces and swords also when they are full vit.
Stat builds:
Full vit--This is more for people who just want to defending nature their party members.
Full str-- This is a killing build you wont be doing much defending nature with this stat build.
1/2 1/2 (Str-vit)-- This is a tank/killing build you can switch to a health mace for defending nature and if you want to kill people you can use your melee mace.



Priests are the primary healing class in the game, they have skills to absorb damage and drop damage by a certain percent. A priest can use any weapon with vitality or psy or HP.
Stat build:
Full psy (Not recomended)
Psy/Vit (2/2 or 3/1 works fine) the key to being a good priest is being able to tank enough damage (Which is why you need vitality) while still having lots of healing/barrier power (which comes from psy)


Templars are the team leader in aspect that they hit the highest consistent damage and are more or less the center of every pvp. They are generally fairly squishy because their only build is full inteligence or full psy. They are most famous for their skill reflect which allows them to reflect all stuns/debuffs/sleeps for 70 seconds. This is the most expensive class in rohan online and it requires allot of items from the Item Mall to make up for the lack of HP/Vitality.

Templar stat build:
Full int (Damage build)
Full psy (Mana guard tank build)

Half Elf


Rangers are the ranged version of guardians, a ranged opportunist class that specialises in picking off weaker targets or targets who are just out of position. During their buff Seige shot they will deal increased damage for a certain ammount of seconds (This is how they pick off targets who are just out of position). Rangers also have an aura winged foot which allows their party members to gain a large boost in mobility. This is a ranger's key skill as its the only way it can escape from other players.

Ranger Stat builds:
Full dex (Recomended after lvl 90)
Full vitality


Scouts are an interesting class, the dex build is more geared towards killing monsters (PVE) where as the strength build is more geared for having fun. They generally are a weak class and they were promised some improvements by the developers of rohan online.

Stat builds for scout:
Dex (Get all bow skills)
Str (Get sharp melee and brandish kick)

Dark elf


Warlocks are a dissabler class, they excell in single target dissables as well as damage over time skills (Like a poison). Their skill break ability prevents targets from using any stun/root/sleep skills on anyone which is verry helpfull when your enemy is a dhan. Warlocks overall have lots of single target skills and are verry good for killing people in a 1 vs 1 situation.

Stat build for warlock:
Full inteligence (Recomended)
Inteligence/vit (Survavability for the cost of losing some damage)


Wizard is another dissabler/crowd controll class, they excell in area of effect dissables as well as damage over time skills. Their skill eternal darkness can keep targets in an area around you slept for 15 or more seconds! this is a great way to manage a crowd of pkers comming to fight your party.

Stat builds for wizard:
Full psy
Full vit (This is a dissable/crowd controll build only you will not do any damage while being full vit)



Avengers are the killer class, they excell in picking off the weak vulnerable targets as well as using their many dissables to try and keep supports busy.

Avenger stat builds
Full agi (This is a crit based build your damage comes solely from getting a critical hit)
Full strength (This is a burst damage build you will use psychic phantom/double psychic phantom to deal burst damage to your opponents.
Compromise build (Str/vit) or (Agi/vit)


Predators are a supporting and killing class. With their many traps they can lower a players physical defence or mobility or heal their party members. They can turn your melee attack into ranged attack (This is an easy counter to any hard hitter like a guardian or a templar)

Predators stat builds:
Full agi (This is a crit based build your damage comes solely from getting a critical hit)
Full strength (This is a burst damage build you will use psychic phantom to deal burst damage to your opponents. (When used with ruin trap that lowers their physical defence you will hit really hard psychic phantoms)
Compromise build (Str/vit) or (Agi/vit)

The dekan race has the same stat builds for both classes, it is solely based on preference of skill if you want to be a dragon sage or a dragon knight.

Dekan stat build:
Full vit: This revolves around the skill "Forefoot swing" which deals damage based on your hitpoints.
Inteligence (Mostly dragon sages)
Compromise build (Str/vit) or (Int/Vit)



Savages are an aura/support class that can help party members with the use of their totems, they have one to heal you, one to increase attack speed and a last one to remove debuffs. They also excell in farming having a buff that allows their attack to broaden hitting multiple targets.

Stat build for savage:
Full str


Berserkers are a killing class (Just like guardians) they specialise in picking off vulnerable targets and dealing vast ammounts of damage in a short period of time. Then once their combos run out they are fairly weak. Their skill call to battle gives your whole party a 20% boost in attack force.

Stat build for berserker:
Full str

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PostSubject: Re: How to pick a class :)   Wed May 25, 2011 5:03 am

Spaceholder for more info (if nessesary)
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PostSubject: Re: How to pick a class :)   Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:31 pm

I usually advise people starting out in game to go 3:1 until lvl 50, always add 1 vit per level so you can survive the mobs you're up against, unless of course you're going for a class that requires full vit, theres a lvl 50 quest for a complete stat reset so you can always change to the proper stat build once you're higher levelled Smile
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PostSubject: Re: How to pick a class :)   

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How to pick a class :)
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