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 Gratts Quests

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PostSubject: Gratts Quests   Sat Apr 07, 2012 9:17 pm

Sorrowful Grave LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Nameless Grave
Objective - Collect Stuffed Bunny
Deliver to Vorah
Reward - 25 1second cool down hp potions!

This is random drop but pretty easy kill Gratt Fortress Destroyer mobs right by this npc that you get the quest from. Be careful as the ranged mobs hit pretty hard! Vorah is at Southern Shielynth Gate Bind stone by the merchant there.

Never to be Forgotten LvL 85 Quest.

Start NPC - Vorah
Objective - Collect 6 Fragrant Wild Flower
Deliver to Nameless Grave
Reward - 25 1 second cool down mp potions!

Alright this is once again random drop which took me about 15 minutes to do. You kill the Malefic Succubus near the Nameless Grave npc until you get 6 of them. These mobs hit quite hard so be careful!

In Search Sweet Memories LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Vorah
Objective - Collect Pendant with Sweet Memories
Deliver to Vorah
Reward - Choice talisman
+30 melee
+30 ranged
+30 magic

This is once again a random drop quest but its quite simple to do. In Gratt underground waterway there is a room with a ton of Zombie Warriors. Keep killing these until you get the drop. I got it after about 5 minutes worth of kills. So again pretty easy. If your doing this solo Keep to the outside of the round room as its easy to get ganked by the mobs in the room. One of the mobs is odd and hits for about 300-400dmg harder than the rest! So watch out!

Punishment LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Vorah
Objective Kill Zombie Mercenary
Report to Vorah
Reward - Choice talisman

Alright this little Girl wants you to avenge her family. So run into Gratt underground water way head straight in till you get back to the zombie warrior room. There's only 3 of them in this room so getting 60 of them takes a little bit of time. I didn't explore to find any others. So if you feel like an good explorer. Feel free to check out other rooms. Once again its easy to get ganked by the mobs here. So be careful.

Unknown Man LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Vorah
Objective - Report to Sen
Reward - 30k crones (lame I know)

All you need to do is run strait through Gratt Underground Waterway and get to Kallista bind stone. Sen is near the camp fire and will give you the next quest to the quest chain. You are now done with the quests at Shielynth

Wish I can Go LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Sen
Objective - Collect Herb for wounds (Kill Trainee Orcs)
Deliver to Sen
Reward Choice - Split Weapon (no stats U_U)

Alright this quest annoyed me I strongly recommend having a ranger for this quest cause its annoying. The quest is once again random drop. The mobs are few and far between and you need to get 16 of the drops. Its REALLY frustrating but you need to do it.

Adventurous Zyho LvL 85 Quest

Start NPC - Sen
Objective - Kill Red Flag Orc
Report to Sen
Reward Choice - Elite Split Fragment Weapon (no stats U_U)

This quest isn't Random drop but the mobs are spread out quite a distance so once again get a ranger to help you with this quest. You will need to kill 60 of these mobs with a ranger this will be quick work.

Search Zyhos 1st Trace LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Sen
Objective - Collect Odd Shaped Key
Collect Zyhos note
Deliver to Sen
Report to Nicole

Ok you need to Find the Javuree mob (looks like the r5 taurics mobs) and is near D2 on the Kallista map Kill this then move to the box which is kinda in a random spot.

Run back to Sen (Recommend bunny)
Then run over to Nicole after talking to Sen. She is at Vestige ov Blessing near I1 you will see the little dot there.

In Need of Magic LvL 85 Quest

Start NPC - Nicole
Objective - Collect Small Fragment of Ohn
Deliver to Nicole
Reward - Split armor set (no stats U_U)

Ok you need to kill Vedova' s  (to the right side of Nicole)
Report to Nicole

Kill'em All LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Nicole
Objective - Kill Charm & Seductive Kanshee
Kill Seductive Kanshee
Report to Nicole
Reward - Elite Split Armor set (no stats U_U)

They are right by where Nicole is you only need to kill 30 of each it goes by rather fast. Watch out for the Vedova's they hurt like hell! Then return the quest to Nicole.

Search Zyho's 2nd Trace LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Nicole
Objective - Collect Zyho's Worn Buckle
Deliver to Sen
Report to Barret.
Reward - Pouch of 50k crones

Ok this quest is RETARDED it took be about 2 hrs to do this quest. You need to kill Benevolent Vedovas After about 300 kills of this mob I got the drop. I was so so so so so so pissed off at this quest I was about to quit. But thank god this is the only quest that's this obnoxious. I did the quest near I3 on the map there's a ton of mobs and you MAY die one or two times here. Bring a wiz and don't try to be super templar. It doesn't work out too well Q_Q thank god for my dhan being in hide with mortal rising on auto follow YAY!

Barret is the little dot right below I3 on the map hiding behind a rock.

Prove Your Worth LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Barret
Objective - Kill Ghost of Fog
Report to Barret
Reward Choice - Enchanted Alloy Weapon (no stats U_U)

Ok this is just your standard quest. Kill 60 mob but a ranger would be helpful as they are spread out quite a bit.

Just Get It LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Barret
Objective - Collect Clean Rock Fragment
Report to Barret
Reward Choice - Broken Serpent Fragment (no stats U_U)

Yay for random drop but this one isn't too bad there's tons of the mobs you need to do this quest. Get a ranger for this one too they are spread out a bit. You need to kill Benioff mobs and get 6 of the clean rock fragments. Then turn in the quest

Search for Zyho's 3rd Trace LvL 85 Quest

Start NPC - Barret
Objective - Collect Key for Lupus Leito
Collect Zyho's Supply Bag
Deliver to Sen
Report to Derrick
Reward - pouch of 50k crones

Ok to get the key you need to kill Ghost of Fog mobs its random drop but not nearly as hard as some of the other random drops you have done up to this point. Now what I noticed was that when I got the key with one person when we killed Lupus both me and my dhan got the supply bag. So you may only need to get the key with one character. I'm not POSITIVE on this but the box is located (red arrow) in the picture below

Use a bunny and run to Sen cause u will be coming right back down to this area and it will save you at least 10 minutes of time if you don't have a ranger.

Derrick is near J6 in Wind Rhythm area. The yellow dot there, He will give you your next quest.

Failing To Repay LvL 85 Quest

Start NPC - Derrick
Objective - Kill Wind Blown Rock
Report to Derrick
Reward - Enchanted Armor set (no stats U_U)

Ok you need to kill 70 of these. They are spread out and in packs with other mobs. A ranger in the pt would be a definite plus to this quest!

Return With Valuables LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Derrick
Objective - Collect Key for an Ancient Chest
Collect Glittering Ancient Relic
Deliver To Derric
Reward - Broken Split armor Set

Ok this is a random drop random gain quest. You need to kill Ghosts of Darkness to get the key to open the box its pretty frequent drop though cause you may need to get quite a few of them to get the Glittering Ancient Relic from one of the 3 boxes. I did notice both times when I chose the middle box I got the drop. So the middle might drop every time. It might not. It was just an observation I had. (red arrow in the picture)

Search for Zyho's 4th Trace LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Derrik
Objective - Collect Zyho's Trap
Deliver to Sen
Report to Zyho

Ok you need to kill Careloffs which are right near Derrick I got both drops for my dhan and temp within 5 minutes even though it is random drop quest. Then you need to run up to Sen. Then run back to the middle of the Hannan March by the tree icon is Zyho who will start giving you the last quests. Pretty easy and straight forward.

Tame your Hunger LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Zyho
Objective - Collect Jug of Clear Water
Collect Chewy Meat
Deliver to Zyho
Reward - Nicole's Ring
Barret's Ring
Derrick's Ring

Ok so for the Jug of clear water you need to kill Orc Shamans its random drop and took a little time as I needed to collect 3 jugs of water on each of my chars. Anyways there's a few spots which have both the mobs you need to kill to finish the quest. The other mobs you need to kill are Red, Green, and Grey Eyed Salamanders for the 3 pieces of Chewy Meat. Again with it random drop it may take a while. So keep at it and try not to get over whelmed. The rings can have pretty much anything on them. I seen on on the em with +4x psy on it. They are useable for a lvl 1 char but only tradeable over the em. Between both my chars I got nothing but garbage. I got one with +2xx% for 3 resistances though. I might keep it for lvling lowbies up. XD

Nice Work LvL 85 Quest
Start NPC - Zyho
Objective - Obtain Zyho;s Item for (From) sean (Theres a typo it should be from not for I found about 30 typo's across all of these quests this is the only one I felt like pointing out)
Deliver to Zyho
Reward - Sage's Breeze (Mantis Mount Perma +50% mobi crit resistant dungeon\safezone mount)

Ok this is simple pull out your bunny. Run to Sen then bunny back and get the mount. Easy as pie.

There you are. The whole quest chain in a rather easy and detailed report. Telling you where what and how to do each quest. Hope this helps future players.

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Gratts Quests
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