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 R5 Quest Guide

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PostSubject: R5 Quest Guide   Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:49 pm

Taken from :-

Edited by Andr0m3da



  • You can get this quest at lvl60 but i suggest lvl70+
  • You can't do this alone you should make a party
  • The party should have this 3 important races; ranger, templar and wizzard
  • Make use of warp rings and Angel Bunny
  • Make sure your the only party whose going to take the quest for it will cause troubles latter part of the quest
  • There should be cooperation in the party w/o this its better not to do the quest to avoid wasting your time and the time of others @_@

Quest #1: Can You hear the wind
[NPC]Muriel Prosenti

[TASK]Kill the following:
60 Orc Nob
60 Orc Viceroy

60 Salamander

or try to kill the Salamanders along the corridors
60 Flarefire

this may take you atleast 1hr to complete, then submit the quest to Muriel

(series of quest from Muriel to Limestone Foothill, make use of your Angel Bunny)


Quest #2: Collect Storm's Contract

[TASK]You have to kill a Paragon Storm Magus to collect 1 quest item

this may take you long to finish if your not lucky then submit the quest to Dobert. Here its better to have
1 party member left with Muriel so that someone can summon you back or do the old way walk @_@

(series of quest from Muriel to Limestone Foothill, make use of your Angel Bunny)


Quest #3: Warning from the Spirits
[NPC]Muriel Prosenti
[TASK] Make a delivery to Norberto found near the entrance of R1
then go back to Muriel to submit the quest

(series of quest from Muriel to Limestone Foothill, make use of your Angel Bunny)


Quest #4: Scattered Gem
[NPC]Muriel Prosenti
[TASK] The hardest task to complete but with a Wizard, Templar and Ranger in the party and fallowing my guide you can finish the quest at least 40mins ahead of time, here you are given 2hrs to complete the quest its important that you and your party took the quest at the same time.

You have to kill the fallowing:
80 Green Eyed Roamer

R4 Area C this spot gives you 10 Green Eyed Roamers but there are a lot of magic type so make sure your wizard has a full templar buffs he can do all the killing and the rest are in fallow mode. Before you reach this spot you will have to encounter a BOSS so what I did is I ask a 90+ to go to the spot and use vengeance to warp us. After you complete this the rest will be easy.

next warp to Ezker go to F8 (new spot 4 giant patch)

80 Emerald Keeper

warp to R3
80 Lazurite Gnome Golem

80 Breeze Sylph

80 Lazurite Gnome Golem

then warp back to R3, after completing the quest submit the quest to Muriel


Quest #5(LAST): Beyond the Wall...(forgot)
[NPC]Muriel Prosenti
[TASK] Go back to Temple of Silva

click this Calling Stone and be ready to fight a monster (edit: Stun mob then easy to kill) then go back to Muriel

-credits to huMaNisMo (Pheonix - Marea)
-Edited by Andr0m3da (Flawless - Divinity)


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R5 Quest Guide
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