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 My Ranger Skill Tree & Guide

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PostSubject: My Ranger Skill Tree & Guide   Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:43 pm

Stats -
go 3 dex 1 vit till level 50 collect the lvl 50 stat reset so you can go full dex when you are higher level
go 4 dex 2 vit from 70+
the higher levelled you are before you go to full dex the better, as levelling is hard when you dont have much vit to give you extra defense & health
(i went full dex at lvl 100 but its up to you)

Skills -
Level 7's - Nimble, Alacrity Blow & Winged Foot are a must
Level 6's - as many of your attack skills as you can, especially your combo skills

-50 skills - get these to level 6 in this order, Nimble, Long Shot & Double Strike, Psychic Pierce, Fatal & Fainting Pierce
+50 skills - Alacrity Blow & Winged Foot (are the most important so you can get to lvl 7) then Crossbow Mastery, Murder Shot, Siege Shot, Speed Wind, Critical Shot, then the last 3 when you can - Rank Shot, Premium Shot & Luxury Shot

Combo - (make sure you have Frozen Elemental on) Select target & Buff Siege Shot & Speed Wind, let your 1st hit be Double Strike & then when Speed Wind has about 3 seconds left use Critical Shot (unless you have Murder Remission buffed & 0 possibles, then use Murder Shot instead)

Note : Also an added bonus when fighting Vit dekans, wait till their health is low & slap the Hero's last skill Anti- Potion on them, this prevents them from potting ANY potion, the more skill points in this skill, the longer they cant pot

Armour - Always get as much physical defense as you can on your armour (green stats)
If you enchant use Option Stone - Protection of Marea for Max HP boost

Weapons - Ranged Attack + Dexterity (green stats)
To make Rare & Unique use Spear of Roha (Weapom Attack) & Water Bottle of Marea (Crit Attack) Option Stones
To enchant use a max dex accessory

Accessories -
Get as much dex as you can on earrings & goggles/glasses/eypatch
x2 Water Twins (dexterity) 1 Keena's Gem, 1 Hart's Gem = 300 dex 1200 HP
x2 Earth Twins (vitality) 1 Keena's Gem, 1 Hart's Gem - 200 vit 1200 HP
(there are epic boss drops but its best to get twins first)

Pets - 1st pet for everyone should be a bunny, best Ranger pet is Soft Khato for mobilty, merge 2 lvl 3 pets to make a Dragon which has the same skills as a bunny & soft khato.

PvP - Rangers are runners, you do as much damage as you can from as far away as you can, watch out for mages with mirror shield on, you'll just kill yourself with one crit if you're full dex build, a couple of normal shots removes the mirror, then you can use skills.
Get used to moving backwards away from your target while you shoot them, use stuns & Frozen to reduce your targets mobilty, the slower it takes your target to get to you, the more chance you have of killing it before it does Twisted Evil

Item Mall Stuff - If you're gonna spend money every month then the following items will be needed monthly
+20 all stat costume
+30 all stat Talisman
Gold Trophy
Lvl 7 stones

::Will add more to this later::
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My Ranger Skill Tree & Guide
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